F19 Pro The Best Camera Value For Under $100


If you’re wondering which mid-range smartphone is right for you, can fully recommend the powerful all-new OPPO F19 Pro from Nokia. The phone has only high praise for it and spent time using it, be it in a professional setting or simply the leisurely amateur mode. Here’s what we found. Check out our OPPO F19 Pro review below and find out how the smartphone does live up to its claims.

Like most flagship smartphones from the major smartphone manufacturers, the OPPO F19 Pro comes with a generous amount of internal memory for running applications and a respectable 1GB of RAM. The large amount of memory makes sure that your unit will not get bogged down as it runs through various tasks and heavy applications during a day on the go. Another advantage to the large amount of memory is that your photos and videos can be transferred larger if necessary. The camera on the smartphone is quite impressive as well, especially when you consider that it has a solid auto-focus and manual image stabilization features which ensures that you take the best images possible. F19 Pro

One of the most impressive features of the OPPO F19 Pro would be the presence of a smooth and fluid black and white display. This handset boasts an impressive pixel density of 4015 pixels per inch, which is far better than the low end pixel density of the iPhone 4 and Android phones that cost even more. The OPPO F19 Pro also sports a bright and sharp screen, which is easy on the eyes, especially at night. The phone also offers a dual screen feature, allowing you to flip the mobile over to display the GPS information as well as viewing the home screen. If you need additional information about directions or places to visit, you could simply flick to the GPS feature and be taken there immediately.

The OPPO F19 Pro comes with a microSD card, which gives users the ability to add more applications and media files to their phone in an effort to increase storage space. When using the smartphone as a portrait photographer, the built-in flash helps to capture the most accurate image result. While the OPPO F19 Pro is an excellent compact camera that offers fast photo and video recording speeds, one of its major shortcoming is the slow charging time that results from the lack of an external flash. This problem, however, is hardly noticeable when you consider that the phone lasts a whole few hours between charges and provides you with plenty of memory storage.

Another highlight for the OPPO F19 Pro is the fact that it comes with a sleek body and powerful camera lens. The phone’s slim design comes in at a slightly higher price compared to other models, but it certainly holds its own with a big and bold display. Despite having a smaller display, the F19 Pro’s five mega pixels camera also produces high resolution images. Users can expect to download and view many professional grade photos and videos right out of the box, which are kept in folders and can be easily exported to different file formats. The OPPO F19 Pro is equipped with a high definition camera lens, which is capable of shooting in a selection of focal lengths; users just need to pay a few extra dollars to upgrade to the lens that comes with the phone.

One of the best things about the OPPO F19 Pro is its ability to record videos with high picture quality. When recording video with the OPPO F19 Pro, users are able to do so in a steady frame rate thanks to the video camera’s built-in stabilization system. This is one feature that is found only on some of the major cell phones, like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and the Motorola RAZR VxD. In addition, the OPPO F 19 Pro comes with an intuitive interface that does not require any type of download or software installation, and is also compatible with all of the major cell phone networks in the UK. Users who want to transfer their movies directly to their computer or iPod may do so with the help of the USB cable that comes with the phone, as it enables data transfers between the camera and computer with complete ease.

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